Monday, January 31, 2011


If you happened to notice the timestamp on last night's post (and many of the other posts I have up), you might have realized... I write these late at night. Well, usually (this one isn't nearly so late). I'm going to try and write sooner from now one, haha. Not that this has much bearing on the blog but just so you know.
Today's just another picture heavy day in the life of the blog.
But now, it's going to be pictures of Rusty and Pepper as well as horses from the barn.
If you need a bit of reintroducement--
This is Rusty (and yes, I took it from way above him as I was perched on the tall fence):
And this is Pepper: He looks a bit ribby, doesn't he? I think he's around 22 and gets fed twice what Rusty does... and yet, he's still skinny while Rusty is hugely fat (imagine staring down at his width from above in total disbelief!).
I was playing around with the manual focus while Pepper was fastidiously munching his hay. Usually I use auto-focus with animals but he was just sitting so still...
It's funny to compare the horses' eating habits (don't laugh, when you're waiting around for both of them to finish eating you start to think about this stuff). Rusty gobbled down his food in maybe 15 minutes flat (including a flake of hay), tossing bits of hay all over, chomping, and making a mess. Pepper took much longer. Granted he got twice the amount of grain Rusty did, but he was done with that in about 15 minutes and then proceeded to hay. He has a little routine. First he'd nibble a bit from the rack, then very carefully lip up all the fallen stuff from the tray below, being extra careful to get everything from the corners. He'd then go to the other side of the rack and repeat the process.
As you might imagine, I was there for a couple hours.
Many times, I'd sit down, then feel a snuffling on my head. I'd look up, and there was Rusty, asking for treats! He's very sweet, albeit a bit greedy.
I also have a new horse to show you all. It's the WEG Jumper Stablemate and it's a lovely color.
And I thought I'd include this cute picture of him going over his "first jump."
And to conclude, a nice picture of the sunset.

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