Thursday, September 15, 2011

"What a cow!"

The above is something my parents often say in the car, either loudly or under their breaths with some expletives added in. They're not very forgiving when people pull sudden maneuvers in cars, such as turning left from the right lane. I agree that those maneuvers aren't safe and are irritating, but I've also noticed that my parents pull those same maneuvers when they've forgotten to get in the correct lane.

Anyway, I'm not talking about a watered-down road rage today. I am talking about actual cows.

To begin, allow me to say that it's really rainy up here and the light is the kind of flat light where it's hard to get any kind of decent picture because it ends up getting softened too much. I'll try to keep those photos out, but they might creep in on accident.

When I went down to my work job today, I knew that it would be rainy. I also knew that I hadn't posted here in a while and people were expecting photos. So the camera came with me anyway. I was intending to photograph the horses but it was too wet to ride today so MacKay (another rider) and I worked packaging soap instead. Afterwards I had a bit of time to hang around before volleyball, so I went and took some shots of the cows. Without further ado, here they are!


Another cow! 

This one was much closer. And more cooperative.

Random sign... it's in color, not black/white.

More of this cow

As you can see, I took a lot of cow photos. And just because I'm supposed to be talking about horses, here are the horses far away in their pasture. So cute!

Also, here are a few shots of the cider apples that just came in today.

Hope you enjoyed that! Expect more of the horses, cows, and other farm things later.