Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm finished!

Applications are all finally down the drain. As in, I've finished them. Now all that's left to do is to bite my already painfully short fingernails and make model horse tack. That's all right by me, but I do need fingernails so that could be a problem.

A couple days ago I finished a halter with a fleece noseband for my ASB. It is black GrosGrain ribbon with Rio Rondo hardware and a blue fleece noseband. All the attachments are hand-sewn, which a couple months ago I would have regarded as a good thing. Now I think I need to get some good glue and leather lace in order to sell anything. I have found that most people who collect model horse tack prefer leather to nylon. I suppose the same is true in the real world of horses, but with model horses there is no real need to have a nylon halter for affordable utility. So until I get some roo lace from somewhere, I don't think I'll be making any sales. I can still market to the YouTube model horse crowd, or at least part of it. Small scale model horse people do seem to like nylon ribbon halters, so I have some hope of paying my dad back for the new model I'm getting.

I have pictures of the new halter which, despite all it's shortcomings, is one of my best halters. But I don't have a way to put them up right now because I'm on my mom's iPad. So I will just finish up the matching lead and post pictures tomorrow.

And speaking of tomorrow's post, it will be about the parts of the English saddle, at Sara's request.

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