Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lots of horse pictures, both real and plastic.

I finally got pictures of Headley Britannia. Her color looks striking here, doesn't it?

And I finally got to the barn yesterday. Sadly it got dark early but I got a couple photos of Jones before the ride. This is one of two.
 And Annie, one of Kim's mares that she's selling, was looking so forlorn by the side of Jones's paddock I couldn't help but take a picture. She has a cute face, too.
Aside from pictures, I have a book recommendation for horsey people. The book is Arke: The Classic Story of a Champion. It is about Arkle, the greatest steeplechaser of all time. Though it is an old book, published in the 60's, it's very very good. I have hardly been able to put it down. Read it!

Enjoy the pictures!


  1. Love the pictures! Haha, did Annie look like me yesterday while I was waiting for my dad? :D

    And now I must go look up "steeplechaser". (I'm trying to learn these horse terms, I really am. Bear with me.)

  2. Haha, kind of. She looked more impatient though, as if saying, "Please come pet me. NOW."

    Good for you for trying! It's a pretty simple distinction from flat racing though.