Thursday, January 13, 2011


There have been a good number of raffle entries today and yesterday! Thank you to everyone who joined, is still joining, and especially to those people who have condescended to follow the blog. It is very much appreciated.

I realized that I forgot to say in the original raffle post when it will end. So, the raffle will end on the 17th of January. Then the winners and I can figure out who wants which colors, et cetera.

Last night after homework was done and mirror-cleaning for $.25/mirror was finished, I AGAIN did something I should never, ever do. MH$P is going to be the road to my doom, I just know it. But, though I did find a gorgeous CM on the ASB Clock Horse, I managed to restrain myself from bidding. It's a good thing because the $70 I would have spent on him can now go to some tack making supplies. Better that than a nice CM who I would likely never show, I suppose.

Today's post is short on both words and time, I'm afraid. But I will post a few pictures for your enjoyment.

The first and last were taken in Jackson, and the middle one was taken last weekend on the lake. Doesn't it just look like lace?

Oh! Speaking of lace... I got an X-Acto knife (be afraid! Just kidding, don't worry.) and practiced skiving some of the crappy craft-store lace I have right now. It's bad lace but I've discovered that when you're not doing it all the time skiving can be sorta fun. I'll probably change my tune when I start this in earnest, but that's just my take so far.


  1. Ooh, pretty photos!

    Skiving is one of my weaknesses. I need to practice more, I always end up pushing too hard and cutting all the way through the leather. Good idea about practicing with the crummy stuff, that way you won't have to worry too much about messing up the good stuff! :)

  2. Thanks! :D

    The stuff I skived was all I had at the moment and still is, unfortunately. I kind of want to pay expedited shipping on my Unicorn Woman supplies but I know I shouldn't. :( Oh well.