Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Second post for the day.

Whew. It rained a bit today so I was a bit worried about being able to ride. Luckily it just misted and dripped while I was onboard.

Jones was very, very good today, so I just got to work on eq. Since we put roller spurs on him he seems to have accepted that, yes, he actually does have to move a bit. It's not that he can't do it, or that he doesn't enjoy it. It's just that he likes to make you make him do something. Now that's I've gotten over being a softie he likes to do as he's told.

As I said, we worked mainly on equitation. It was a remarkably productive lesson for having not been riding for two weeks. My breakdown over fences really improved today. Whereas before I managed to always "snap" down over the fence, now I can actually do a good breakdown. A most useful day. Jump height today was 2'6"-2'9"--not too big, really. Kim says it's big for not having ridden for two weeks... but I did show at 2'6" a few times without having practiced at that height for some time. I don't usually have too much trouble adjusting for that though, if I may flatter myself.

As for the saddle. It fits Jones very well and everyone seems to think it looks pretty good and sits me in a good place so, as I have said, we'll be buying it soon. We just need to find leathers pronto. I have to keep borrowing some off an old lesson saddle for now. The saddle's breaking in easily after only three rides and after we've paid I can oil it.

I really have to go but I'll post more tomorrow.

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