Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Halter Raffle

I'm copying Braymere. Yes. Hey, it's no surprise seeing as I have two subscribers. I figure it can't hurt, right?
But. Though the idea of a raffle to increase viewers is copied, there are going to be three winners who all get different prizes. Let's get to the "how do I enter" part first though.

To enter simply post a comment on any blog post I have made. I am notified when you do so, and I will put your name into a hat. You can obviously enter more than once if you want to post more than once. But if you get drawn more than once, you only get the first placement. Sorry.

Prizes are as follows.
1st Prize: One Halter with Chain Lead and One Cooler
2nd Prize: One Halter with Chain Lead
3rd Prize: One Halter

You can choose the colors if you win. Each halter is tripled, double-stitched GrosGrain with Rio Rondo hardware, blah blah blah. I've said this many times. The cooler is cotton fabric with bias tape edging. I wish I could assure you that the sewing is great on the edges, but I have to be honest: in the pic below, it's not a trick of the light. Hopefully that will be ironed out very soon though.

Halter (the raffle halters will NOT have fleece!):
 Cooler (you may choose the color):
 So. Post away!

Annddd here's our regular talk for the day. I keep going on MH$P (I have an ad up there, remember?! I can't help but look at it once in a while!) and looking up "Strapless." Oh. My. I should never do that while I'm trying to save. NEVER. It probably looks like I love to torture myself with gorgeous model horses. GAH. Out of the frying pan (applications) in to the fire (pretty model horses looking at me and saying "BUY ME"). Oh, self. Will I ever grow up? Answer... probably not. Drat.

Anyway. I've been making plans for the halter and cooler set I'm making to donate to "The Great Outdoors" live show in April. The halter should be leather because I'll hopefully have gotten some lace by then (if not, there's a problem). And the cooler will probably be either the same color as the one above OR hunter green with white edging. Decisions, decisions. Input is VERY much appreciated by any and all.

I think that finishes the post for today. Expect colors of the new halters by Friday-ish.


  1. Seeing as I have no model horses in which to place model horse tack on, I don't think I am the best candidate (heh heh) for this contest. :(

  2. Haha, do you not want to be entered... candidate? Does the possible task of protecting a light from a cloud frighten you, perhaps?

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  4. Well, my name was carved in a cave with a bunch of random numbers, so I suppose this is my destiny.

  5. The model horse tack is very nice. I have been collecting model horses since I was 8 yrs old and am now in my 30s. I love all of my herd

  6. A person can never have too many well made halters, that's for sure :D

    Also, I have the bookmarks for MH$P and eBay strategically tucked away on my bookmarks list so I don't get tempted ;) Though sometimes I have to give in!

  7. Amy: Thank you! Which horses do you have, do you know?

    Becca: Haha, that's how I feel about it. Oh goodness, Firefox just remembers the addresses and if I see it, I usually go. Bad idea.

  8. Just found your blog today :). I have LOTS of nekkid Breyers!! Please enter me! :D

  9. You're in! And you know, if you don't win you can always custom order something (wink wink). :)

  10. Cool idea :) Please enter me (even though I won a halter from Jennifer...don't think my luck is that strong lol!)

  11. Well, Becca, you never know. This is a pretty small raffle.

    Pintie: Why thank you! :)

  12. WOW!I sure hope I win :) I could really use a new halter. I only have a few and they don't fit my horses right :/ thanks for hosting the raffle. I'll deff. read your blog!
    My name is mary. I am horse1324 on MHB

  13. Hey there, neat idea. Please enter me! :)

    Imperia on MHB

  14. That is realy neat!! I made a Hackmore for my Breyer horse but that is all I have!!

  15. Great idea! I've never gotten around to getting any halters, so I could really use one.

  16. Oh my goodness , I have so many alot of the movie horses, and the Holiday horses ..too many to list but they are all so beautiful!