Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Finally, halter talk.

I've been working a bit on the halters for the raffle. It's been sort of all over the place; so far I've progressed most on BeccaG's third-place halter.

It's in bright blue and for the ASB clock horse, which thankfully I have. I'm not thrilled to work with the blue because my thread is annoyingly a few shades too dark. Nonetheless, it's been sort of coming along with the use of glue instead of double-stitching. It saves a lot of time but so far I'm not certain I like the effect. Since I triple most of the straps, they're pretty thick (and stiff) with the sewing. Gluing is a bit worse, though. The glue kind of  cakes and makes everything a bit unsightly.
This calls for one of three possible changes. One, stop tripling the halters and make them a bit thinner (and perhaps a tad less realistic. Two, find the right color thread and keep sewing. And three, make the pieces meet in the middle and glue.
I'm leaning towards either the first or the third option right now because sewing is so time consuming and doesn't lend that much authenticity to the piece.
I have also "started" the first-place raffle halter--at least, ideas for it. Mary asked for a black and lime green one, which gave me an idea. Now, to preface this I'll say that I cannot stand halters whose cheekpieces are a different color than the noseband, etc. It just doesn't look right. Some like them... but not me. So I was thinking... maybe a halter with black as the main body with lime green highlights on the cheekpieces and noseband? I think I could pull it off and it would look cool.
The main issue with this halter is that it'll be used on a Stone ISH, and I don't have that mold. I wish I did, I really do... but I don't. (Probably for the good though, because apparently they, like everything else in this hobby, are like potato chips--can't have just one.)
If anyone knows of a Breyer mold with a comparable head, please leave a note in the comments. Alternately, you could post in this thread on Blab. I'd be much obliged.

Other than that, nothing much going on in the studio. Hopefully I'll be able to order some Rio Rondo hardware tonight because snipping up old (and crappy) halters won't do it forever. (Though it is wonderfully fun to snip up!)

On the model horse side--I hope to be adding a matte Valentine and Heartbreaker to my collection soon. Fingers crossed.


  1. I read this while eating potato chips. How fitting. (Actually they were veggie chips, but same difference. ;D)

    Anyways, good luck on the halters. And YES, THREAD. Something I can relate to! So annoying. It's never just the right color as your fabric.

  2. :D Haha.

    I know! It seems to want to stand out for some strange reason. 0.o

    Guess who's riding the adorable pony in the first picture? Wait, re-wording. The *infuriatingly deceptive* pony, I mean.

  3. Grr. That's the one thing I hate about sewing shopping.

    Hmm... IT'S KATE. (Kidding, kidding. I know it's obviously Ilana. ;) )