Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I didn't get pictures of my saddle yesterday.

But I did today! After riding yesterday I brought it home to oil it once more, and took some pictures when I was done.

 So you can see it with flash and without. Isn't is gorgeous? If you want a really nice saddle for a reasonable price, this is the way to go. It's the Beval Salem, in case you're wondering. This is, as I said, its second oiling so it's pretty dark.

And just for kicks, here are a couple of pictures with the new stirrups and leathers we got. The leathers are still stretching so it's a bit funky to ride in them... they feel too long on one hole and too short in the next up! After a bit of riding they should be fine though, or so Debbie says. It is pretty pliant leather, so I'd not be surprised.

I also got pictures of Jones and some of the other horses around yesterday.

And that's the extent of the good horse pictures from yesterday.

In my oiling frenzy this afternoon I also dark-oiled my work-boots, which I have with me since I was wearing them around earlier this week. Though you couldn't see it in the pictures from Sunday, the color of the leather looks a bit greenish in certain lights. So when I finished with the saddle, I turned on the boots. Just so you can compare old color vs. new color--

They actually look more like the top one, but I can't stand posting only blurred pictures. Hah.

I recently found out that my parental units read this blog. You can imagine how disturbing this might be. I might need to start regulating comments to make sure they don't start commenting--yikes!


  1. Hey, I stumbled upon this page from google - I was searching for some reviews of the Salem saddle - I was wondering if maybe you could help me out? I just took one out on trial and LOVE it, but there's one problem - I need to use a riser pad, and a THICK one for both of the horses I rode. one was a TB who really doesn't have much of a dip in her back, but the seat of my saddle was way too far down, and it was very unbalancing. Have you found that your salem lacks enough padding in the seat to keep it flat on the horses' back? like, the front of it was sticking up in the air the whole time until I put a riser under it. thanks!

  2. Yes, I also have to use a very thick riser pad. Both the Salem and the Stamford appear to be built for horses who are pretty downhill, and for others a riser is needed to keep it flat. With the riser, though, it fits my slightly uphill TB just fine.

  3. Hey, I was also searching for Salem saddle reviews. I am a bit skeptical about the original color of the saddle before the first oiling. I'm not to fond of the light London color. Is there any way you could give me some type of description or comparison of what the color was after you only oiled it once?