Monday, January 24, 2011

Picture overload

I think it's ending...
I've put up so many pictures lately I don't have many "fresh" ones and I keep worrying that I'll post one that's already up. I did that yesterday, haha. Oops.
I'll still put some up though, so no worries.
After putting together a list of horses I want to get at BreyerFest, I've found that to get all of them, or at least to get most and maybe a couple different, I'll have to raise $100/month from now until BreyerFest. Oh joy. I don't know if bake sales every Saturday will help much with that, either. At least we have a garage-full of stuff to put in a yard sale! Now all we have to do is to put price tags on it all. What fun.
If you have any ideas to raise money, please share. If I get enough tips I can make a post with them all as a reference, since BreyerFest isn't the only reason people have ever needed money in past, present, or future by any means.
Nothing much else to report today.

And remember: tips for raising money for any cause go here!

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