Monday, January 17, 2011


Both good and bad things happened this weekend.

The good things were that Rusty and Pepper were really friendly this weekend and Rusty was being a nice boy. Another good thing was having so many comments come in for the halter raffle. I also received my Headley Britannia and managed to experiment successfully with making Western headstalls.

The bad thing that is casting a big black cloud over my whole weekend and potentially the rest of the week is that when I was reaching over Flash to grab a sheet of paper me heavy sweat-shirt sleeve brushed him and knocked him onto the floor. This has happened before with some of my old bodies when a cat brushes them, but none of them have ever broken. And, to my chagrin, though he fell on the carpet his hind hoof broke off. My dad thinks that super-glue will fix him but I think now that he's broken there's not much I myself can do. He was body quality anyway... but I still do remember when I got him. Maybe I should explain so I don't seem too pathetic to all the model horse people reading this.

Several years ago I got a certificate for Christmas. It was the same year "The Polar Express" came out as a movie. The certificate read:

To Eva:

This certificate is good for two (2) Breyer Horses of your choice.

From Santa

Or something along those lines. I, of course, held onto the certificate and took it with me everywhere, even though it was in my mom's handwriting and I knew it wasn't from Santa. One day I couldn't find it and got into such a state... Grandma Doris (who died two years ago) offered to buy me two models to make up for it but I refused, perhaps trying to hold my head high over it. Later my dad gave me another one which read the same as the first but also included "Fix that hole in your pocket!" The two models I got were Flash and Smart Little Lena (the Classic set). I eventually found the original certificate in the car right before a snowshoe trip up near the Teton Pass but I didn't cash it in.

So now you know. And now that the sentimental part of that is aside...

I'm probably going to find someone to put the hoof back on, prep it, and paint it. I might even ask for it to be the same as it was, but I doubt it. I'll probably get him painted to a pinto though, or something else flashy.

Okay. Today is the end date for the raffle. Since this is a longish post already and I don't want the raffle winners to be lost in the sea of self-pity I have created for myself, I'll make another post for that.

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