Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just a very quick post before school.

Today it's back to school and noses to the grindstone once more. My goal is to have all my applications sent in by Wednesday so I can relax and get some sleep (severely lacking at this point). After a little while I will probably start biting my nails again (maybe sometime in February or March)--oh joy.

If you're wondering why in particular I'm so sleep-deprived, talk to New Year's Eve, my sister, and American Airlines. Or just me tossing and turning in bed. Though I should be able to sleep more easily! I have been out in the sun a LOT lately so it's not that my circadian rhythm is messed up. I just can't sleep. Gah.

Tack is going to be doubtful, at least for a little while, while I get used to the new science teacher. This is not the place to tell that story, but so far this year we have had three science teachers including this new one. We'll see how it goes.

Nothing more to report except that I'm going out to ride tonight so I might get pictures of my new saddle.

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