Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh my.

I came home today to find that the cats had flipped over my newly organized tray of halter-making supplies and it was all over the floor. We're talking jump rings everywhere, ribbon unwound from the spools, beads wherever you look... basically total carnage.

Now, before I say this was entirely unprecedented, it wasn't. The tray has an open top and was sitting on a very large armchair next to my work desk. I shouldn't have put it there but I did anyway, neglecting to realize that this was the favorite chair of one Maricruiser and one Veronikitty (nicknames for two of my cats). Oops.

Anyway, lesson learned. Next time I need to put the tray somewhere I'll probably set it on a desk. And maybe get a new lid.

The two dogs above are my advisor's two dogs, Gus and Clara, in their Christmas sweaters. They're both female but my advisor's son wanted a dog named Gus so that became her name. Aren't they cute? Here are a few more.

I've been watching a lot of Lost (the TV show) fan works lately, and listening to the sound track. It's a really good show. I've begun to name most of my models after episodes. But don't say I'm obsessed, because it's very worthy of adoration. Wink.


  1. Oh no, Eva! Your cats have finally started to fight you in an attempt to control the world! (Don't fret; this happened to me about a year ago with Pebbles Kitten. Now he just attacks my feet when I walk by and trips me. Plus he disappears for long hours during the day to fight crime, but that is irrelevant.)

    Gus and Clara are so cute. :3 Too bad they didn't climb any trees for us.

    Not obsessed with Lost... riiight. ;D

    I hope Zoe starts posting on here soon. It's getting rather lonely in the comments section.

  2. Oh gosh, don't I know it. What did he do?
    Haha, I think cats are trying to take over the world in general. They've already taken over Lost. But if he was fighting crime, wouldn't he be not trying to take over the world, just improve it? Wait no, the world is in his debt now, so he can take over as president... and later... as Kitty Dictator! xD

    Maybe Clara was afraid she'd impale herself on a sprinkler head again.

    Well, okay, maybe a little. Or... a lot. I just don't admit that to my terror of a sister, haha.

    Yeah... well, I'll probably say something on --dun dun dun-- Ponybox to add new blood (so to speak).

  3. TO(E)TALITARIANIST KITTY. o_o He used to sneak up behind me and pounce more often, but now he's gone fighting crime (or partying with his kitty friends) for most of the day. *tear* My little Pebbles is growing up!

    *shudders* You're probably right.

    Hahaha! What episode names have you used so far?

    Ooh, new blood. o-o I'd like to meet some of your online buddies.

  4. Haha, that sounds funny. And maybe a little painful (yikes).

    Yeah... I feel so bad for the poor puppy.

    Hmm... let's see.

    Tabula Rasa, The Economist (for a horse I don't like much), The Greater Good, Par Avion, Hearts and Minds, and Lockdown.

    Haha, yeah. Hopefully expect them later this week. I've also been thinking of doing a halter raffle to increase comments and such.

  5. :D I've learned to always wear shoes near him.

    Me too.

    Eww, Hearts and Minds. (Actually, that episode wasn't as bad the second time. And I like the name. :D) That's really cool!

    Sounds good!