Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pony Pictures!

We finally made it out, and what a gorgeous day it was (and is). Just a light breeze and hardly a cloud in the sky. Plus, it was warm at last! I won't be saying that later this summer but for now it was really nice.

When I pulled Jones out of his paddock and was about to start doing his hooves, I noticed that the left fore was all swollen and had a little dried blood crusted on there. (Click to see the picture a little better.)
I may be level-headed in some situations, but not when it comes to Jones and if he's hurt (hey, it looked scary! What if it had been a puncture?!). Then I just get a little... overprotective. Debbie looked at it and said it should be fine to ride him since it just hurt to touch and he wasn't lame or uneven at all. As it turns out, he was wonderful. He's been picking up the canter more willingly and doing what I ask now. When we first bought him (last year) he didn't respect me enough to do that. Now I've gained his respect. (Jones says, "Maybe. But I still get to yawn at you.")

Most of the lesson was spent working on my equitation and keeping him going at a steady pace--not too slow, as per the norm for him, and not lengthened too much (which he does toward the end of a lesson when he gets energized). I'd say it was a success.
We were supposed to have new stirrup leathers from the tack shop today but we put them on the saddle and they wouldn't reach to the leather keeper. We now have to get longer ones. However, we got leather oil and I did the saddle. Its color is lovely! I sadly didn't get any pictures, but I will next lesson. It looks so nice and it's already starting to soften up. I'm excited to ride in it soon.

Now, as promised, a huge photo dump. I have so many from today, and most are of horses.
 This is Kim's new lesson mare (maybe--they're not sure if they want her yet because they don't know her exact age).

Now, that's what you call picture heavy.

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