Wednesday, November 30, 2011


For the two Secret Santas I am doing, I've made some little gifts.

The first is a halter that fits the Flash mold.

The second is a friendship bracelet made in variegated embroidery floss. I'm not only going to gift this, because that would be lame, so I'm making a few different kinds of bracelet in different colors.  I'll update this post when I have the other ones made.

Hopefully they will like these two gifts! Obviously they're only tiny parts of the two packages, though.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Back in Texas

I'm back in Texas for Thanksgiving break and fully intending to spend a lot of time with both my family/friends and my camera. I've already been to see Jones, and took a riding lesson. My mom was riding so she wasn't available to man the camera and take some pictures of us together, but I did get a couple of him in his stall. He's pretty friendly, so it was hard to get a good one.

I also took several pictures of the horses in the back pastures.


More photos from my visit home to come!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Macro Editing

On my hard drive I have a few macro shots that I just edited to show you.

Also, I would like to note that this is my 100th post. Happy 100?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Some Edited Shots

Going through my hard drive, I found a lot of pictures that I should have edited a while back but never did. Here are some of the ones that I just put up on deviantART.

The Tetons as seen from Snow King

Hidden Falls... yeah, I know, everyone has this picture

Taken with a point-and-shoot at the top of Paintbrush Divide

A pinecone broken in half--I didn't change the color.
Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Photo of the Day

I don't have many new photos, but here's one that you might like.
MacKay and one of the goats

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Look

As you can see, we have a new header. Now I just need to know which color scheme you prefer with it! I'm not really leaning towards one or the other, but you might, so here's a comparison between the two options.

Help me out here and let me know! 

Old Photos

In the course of looking for a new header photo for this blog, I've gone through most of the photo folders on my hard drive and come across a few that I should have posted earlier. Many of these were slated for blog photos in the summer, but as you might know I hardly even thought about this blog over the summer. I have edited some of the better ones, so here they are at last.

Whoever did this (on a rock in Jackson, Hole) is utterly AWESOME.

Pepper... his hooves

The moose cow and calf in my grandpa's backyard

Guess whose eye that is...? Yeah, the moose's.


I hope you enjoyed that! There may be more to come or there may not, depending on what pictures I find on my hard drive. But do expect a change in the header photo and maybe the template (depending on what the photo looks like...).

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Summer Photo Update

(This is a post I made a while ago and never posted. I'm not going to finish it, but here it is anyway.)

It's been a while since I've posted and, despite the fact that this is summer, I've been really busy. I wish it weren't that way and it probably wouldn't be if I would stop putting stuff off, but that's how it is. Since I last posted I have taken pictures of the following: Rusty and Pepper, miniature horses, and my Ben medallion. My mom got pictures of me riding.

Rusty and Pepper were totally uninterested in me when I went to see them last weekend. They decided to eat rather than be hams like the minis I saw. They never have been, so it's nothing new.



Yesterday I went to Crowe's Nest Farm to drop off my Bearded Dragon lizard, who is imaginatively named Lucky. Since I'm going away next year, he needed a new home. Crowe's Nest's Bearded Dragon died a month or two ago, so we were happy to find each other through my friend Mandy.

Lucky at my house

Lucky in his new home

Crowe's Nest also had several groups of miniature horses. One consisted of three full-grown horses and a foal. There was a pinto gelding called BooBoo who was the most tame of the three. Then there was a mare who I believe is a silver dapple. She wouldn't let me touch her, but if I'd had more time I think she would have because she looked very curious. The last adult horse was the broodmare, who apparently doesn't like people. Her foal is very friendly, though.

BooBoo on the left, silver dapple (?) on the right

There were more mini photos but I can't be bothered to go find them now. Oops.


Okay, so I didn't post the horses right away. Sue me. I'm easily distracted when it comes to the internet... but if stuff outside the World Wide Web is more interesting, that's good.

Anyway, here are a few horse pictures.



You can see the editing difference between the two shots of Kate, right?

And because this blog needs more cat photos, here's Rider.

Oh! I almost forgot. The latest additions to the NMH farm aren't the calves anymore... we have goats now! Technically they don't belong to the farm. They belong to the incoming farm manager... but they live here now. They are SO cute, and they make this awesome noise that sounds like a door creaking.

Calf Photo Spam

I guess that after so many Blank Photo Spam posts I should just rename this blog "Photo Spam" and entitle my posts after whatever I'm spamming with. That would make everything so concise.

Today I have various photos of the calves, Sarah and Jordan, and afterward I will be making a second post today with the horse photos. Sound good?

Lots of photos of Jordan first.

Next for Sarah.

from today

from a while ago when it snowed

It's sad that I have so many more pictures of Jordan, because he was the one who nicked my finger while attacking the bottle I was holding for him. I like Sarah just as much, if not more, because she's so sweet. But they're both lovely.

I guess this post could be maybe a little longer... right?

Cider apples. Speaking of which... as soon as I finish this post I'm off to the dining hall for some cider!