Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last Day in Wyoming

Today is the last day of my vacation. Tomorrow we fly back to Texas and the day after that, school starts again.


I'm going to try to enjoy this afternoon, because one of my applications is just about done and I don't have to write anything else on this one, just revise/edit (probably). That's a good thing.

I haven't posted much about model horse tack for the obvious reason that I'm away from my "studio" but I do have something to post now. So far all you've seen is nylon halters and a bunch of funny blankets. In the next few weeks you can expect to see leather halters, *maybe* bridles, and some more funny-looking blankets. I might also try a Rio Rondo saddle kit, but since I know nothing--and I mean nothing--about Western stuff, it'll probably just be a one-time thing.

When I get back Jones is probably going to be about three times as fat as he was when I left... okay maybe not, probably just a lot fatter. It won't help that I'm making him treats. Oh well. I have to go cook some horse treats right now.


  1. Thanks for talking about model horse tack; you reminded me I need to start sewing that dress. I got the fabric and pattern for it like three months ago. o_o

  2. I did a Western saddle from the Rio Rondo kit two summers ago, and it turned out better than expected. The stirrups are a little too long, and there are a few other mistakes, but I am overall happy with it, especially since it was my very first saddle.

    Speaking of Wyoming, my family and I took a 16 day road trip around the country, and Wyoming was one of my favorite places we visited :)