Sunday, February 27, 2011

Long Silences

Never a good sign. I've been exhausted for a week by my own doing. Just wonderful.

Anyway. Nothing new here, really. The latest news from Breyer is that there will indeed be a Treasure Hunt this year. It's on a new mold from Brigitte Eberl and it's supposedly an Arabian mare. The mold is basically Mascha/the trotting Arab gelding or whichever with a redone mane and tail.

The theme this year is Weather Girl. So each horse is a weather pattern. The first is dark--black, I think--and is called "Thunderstorm." The second is a palomino called "Sunny." And the last is a gray pinto called "Partly Cloudy." The last horse is called "Rainbow" and is a mystery color. There's a bunch of speculation going on now over on Blab as to what it will look like. The first three will first be available in April. Several dealers are not ordering because they're afraid of having horses left over, but there are still plenty of internet dealers who will have them.

This Treasure Hunt does NOT fit into my plans for BreyerFest. My savings are still not as far along as they should be at all. I guess I'll have to take the leap and ask people at the barn if they need tack cleaned, but oh my, how embarrassing. It's such a small barn everyone knows everyone and it's not the kind of place people clean tack for money. Oh well...

The Early Bird ticket price is $70. In order to even go to BreyerFest, I have to write a six-chapter Bite, Snatch, and Grind story. For those of you not familiar with Bite, Snatch, and Grind, they are three trolls who star in stories that my dad tells while we hike. Most of the time these stories are totally random--well, actually, all the time. Characters appear as needed, and there's a lot of "meanwhile, back at the ranch." They're really only good if my dad tells them, but I have to write one before the month is over and probably sooner. What fun. I'll post updates as it progresses.

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