Thursday, March 3, 2011

Better Position/Stronger Leg

Though I've recently decided to stop taking perfect position so seriously (and thus improved my riding), it's still important. Lately, I've been working on keeping my shoulders back, body straight and, most of all, leg still. Jones requires a strong leg, and keeping my leg still requires a strong leg. I no longer have a strong leg.

Two years ago, I left my old barn and came to where I am now. The only reason I've glanced over my shoulder is that I hardly ever trot without stirrups these days, whereas I used to every time I rode.

Lately, my leg is what I've worked on most, alongside keeping  my body slow over fences and allowing Jones to close my hip angle. It has been going pretty well so far. I've been tieing my stirrups loosely to my girth as a guide, and so far it's been helping. By Saturday, I think Jones and I will be ready to show.

As always, Jones has needed work on his upward transitions and keeping up a constant pace to the first and second fences in a course. If we can do good transitions and keep moving at the start, the rest of the courses on Saturday should go smoothly.

Ah yes. Saturday is the first show of the season. It's the more prestigious circuit around here and I'm hoping to do okay in my eyes, even if we don't place. According to Debbie we'll be competing in Youth/Non-Pro and we'll be in a square arena. It should be interesting.

I'll have updates tomorrow after show prep and a show report on Saturday.

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