Monday, February 7, 2011

More pictures.

Get ready...

Get set..

All right, granted, it's not a horse picture. This is Lucie--our 16 year old cat from the shelter. She sleeps on my bed and though my sister will tell you that she's annoying she's actually really sweet.

Here are the barn pictures.

That's all for tonight... but there are more tomorrow!

And since we need a little text, some halter updates. I'm working on the blue and black first-place one, and there are three parts left to do. It wouldn't take so long if we had some matches in the house other than the cruddy cardboard ones that are so hard to light, but it should be done soon. I shouldn't take so long on little nylon halters... oh well. Homework procrastination issues are the first to be tackled, then on to procrastinating on other things.

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