Friday, February 11, 2011

Not So Good.

I think I'm sick. My sister's had something, and I'm now showing the symptoms. It really started after riding, though, so luckily we still got to jump.

No pictures today. They're all so horrendous I want to cry every time I look at them. In fact I did cry when I first uploaded them and took a close look. I don't know whether that's because of my present lack of sleep, or illness, or just the horror of these photos... but they make me want to start bawling. Eek.

For some reason I'm having major issues with my leg. Can't keep the heels down or stirrups at the girth. If I could only fix those problems most of my other problems would be eliminated, too--I think. We'll see. For now I'll be stretching my heels down on the stairs and hoping for the best.

It's about time I mention tack making. The raffle halter is progressing slowly due to terribly irritating and uncooperative candles, but it's getting there. It should NOT take so long to do one halter, seriously.
EDIT: It's finished. Now on to the lead and cooler!


  1. Aww, Eva, I'm sorry to hear about your being sick. And I know you mentioned this in your last post, but I still think you're being too hard on yourself. Everyone has off weeks (haha, just look at me with volleyball). And yaay!

  2. :) Thanks.

    LOL, okay, they're not as bad as the ones from Thursday. I'm just feeling worse about it today, haha. When did you have off weeks in volleyball? You were awesome all the time!

  3. Haha, remember the day of serving failure?

  4. LOL, we ALL had days of serving failure. Running and serving do not mix...usually.