Saturday, February 19, 2011

Peeta (and model horse coolers)

Who/what is Peeta, you ask? Well, he's a sparkly pink Beanie Baby named after a character in The Hunger Games. In one of the books he paints flowers on a cake--thus, my friends and I have decided that even though he married Katniss in the end he has a rather unconventional taste in clothing.

This is Peeta. He always (almost always) has his cape on.
Yesterday when Sara was over, we were playing around with him. This is what came of it:
Yeah. He's in the seductive pose. And that was with only one pin in his hand/head.
The only piece of clothing in Peeta's figurative closet was his cape, so after Sara left I made him a skirt. It compliments him... sorta. There's just no getting around the fact that he will never have a nice svelte waist. Ergo it's hard to make skirts looks entirely flattering. Oh well.

As you see, he also has a matching headband. Feel free to use these as your wallpaper--I know Peeta's beauty is just stunning you all. Just kidding. I'm feeling a little slappy after staying up too late last night and preparing for the lock-in tonight. Yikes.

When we were taking pictures of Peeta on various fabrics I had laying around for model horse blankets, I realized that I should probably use some of that fabric.
This was a one-size-fits-most blanket, but it's adjusted for GG Valentine. At first I wasn't sure I liked it on her but it's growing on me.

 I'm quite proud of the darts in the back, but it's not that exciting.
The last thing for tonight is that I finally finished and photographed the entire first-place raffle set. It's a halter and lead with show cooler, and I have to say I quite like it. Nothing LSQ, of course, but it's definitely a start. Please excuse the picture quality. Hope you like it, Mary!

The hook in the front and its closure are handmade. This also has darts in the back.

And before I take my leave... remember to put Peeta as your desktop background. Wink.



    Peeta's new skirt and headband are soo sexy. I'm setting it as my wallpaper right now. (Actually, I'm still using my mom's laptop... that'll be a nice surprise.)

    Also, your finished halter looks really really good. Almost makes me want to start buying model horses. :)

  2. I'm sure she'll be won over in one glance. Just like she was with Hulk Horse from the Disturbing Equines blog, haha.

    Thanks! I might be able to arrange for you to mysteriously receive some Classics... *nudge nudge* :D