Sunday, February 6, 2011

Get yourselves ready.

I went out to ride on Saturday... and there are a LOT of pictures. As in, over 300 pictures. No fear--I won't post them all. Still, best to be prepared.

Before we get to that, the pictures from Friday. I don't have them. They're on my mom's card and I'm too lazy (and tired) to load them now. Tomorrow, perhaps. (Here I go again, procrastinating. Gah!)

Jones was very good on Saturday, though he got tired very quickly and wasn't really able to finish up the course we were working on. Hey, I can't get mad though--he's had a week without work and is out of shape anyway. He's had a lot of off time this winter.
 Is it pathetic that I always get practically the same shot of Jones? I say so...

 Bella, the neighbor's dog.
 Bradley, one of the handsome geldings at BBB. He has a lovely face.

 A chunk of ice dumped out of a water barrel.
 Bluejay (stinker pony).
 Tiger and his owner again.


 Ochocinco (or Chad).
More pictures to come! And I'm not kidding!