Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I am. Groggy, that is. After a pathetic, weak attempt to return to school this morning (ended during third period), I came home and flopped. The only thing that was accomplished today was that I established that my equitation sucks. I've been reading too much George Morris... sigh. Mostly I've just beat up on myself lately and wondered what on earth I'm ever going to do--how does one unlearn all these terrible habits? Gack.

Basically, the lesson for tonight is: read George Morris from the beginning, try not to have a non-functioning equitation, and find a trainer who likes the classical riding style. From the start. Oh, and if you do feel like your eq is not up to par--do NOT watch Brianne Goutal. It just hurts one's feelings to watch such a good rider and be struggling against bad habits. It also lowers self-esteem--a lot.

And on that cheery note, good night.

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