Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fiftieth Post

Doing well so far!

Today, though it was pretty chilly, we made it to the barn. Jones was pretty good, albeit a bit lazy. Doesn't give much hope for tomorrow, but oh well.
The main issue with today's lesson was--me. My mom took some pictures toward the end and oh my. What am I doing?! It looks like I put too much weight in one stirrup and so was way off to the side. Yipes. My equitation is not usually this bad. For some reason it's gotten way worse lately.

Now, so we have some pictures, here they are. You may feel free to critique anything you see. I see lots...
All the major issues are circled in red. There's plenty (too much) of red.
Leg slipped back, too much of a breakdown, off center, not holding with legs

Too much breakdown, leaning WAY to the right

Leaning WAY to the right again, too much breakdown

Too much breakdown, leaning WAY to the right, heels not far enough down, legs slipped back and not holding, hands open
And I promise you, non-jumping people--I'm not being too hard on myself. There's probably a lot I'm not seeing.

The reason I posted this is because, as George Morris says, it's important to learn from photographs. You might not necessarily feel like something's wrong with your jumping or flat position, but there could be a lot of issues. If anyone who reads this would like to have their pictures posted for critique by me and other readers, just say something in the comments.

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  1. I need someone to take pictures of me... that would be so helpful!