Monday, February 14, 2011


No, that's not just text. That's what I'm doing at this moment and what I've been doing all day. I'm still sick and I stayed home from school today because I had a slight fever. Tomorrow is doubtful, but we shall see.

And what came of this day of illness, you ask? The answer: absolutely nothing. Well, okay, I edited some pictures in Photoshop. But then I had to shut the computer down and since it was just fiddling with effects I deleted the changed. So yeah... nothing. Mostly I just read books and stalked Blab.

Tuesday (tomorrow) is when I'd normally ride. But my mom's not feeling very good either so we might not get out even if I make it to school tomorrow.

To make up for this disappointing post, a photo dump is in order!


  1. Aww, being sick definitely sucks. D: I hope you're feeling well enough to come to school tomorrow! You wouldn't want to miss out on (as Kathryn puts it) "the digging in sandbox ceremony."

  2. Eva- can't wait for you to live closer to us! Aunt suzie