Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Progress

And once more, it's born of procrastination. Joy. One of these days I'm going to crack down and just do my homework... but that day is not today. It might be tomorrow or Saturday though, because I have no certain plans to do anything and they might be good days for self-reform. Hah.

So. Yes. We have progress. Now that all the details of the first-place raffle halter are cleared up, some solid progress has been made on actually putting it together. Lady Phase might hate me forever after for getting glue even near her, but so what. (I can't stand Lady Phase, I dunno about you. She photographs badly for me...) Anyway.
The halter is black nylon with a bright blue nylon overlay on noseband and cheek-pieces. So far the noseband is finished, but I'm alternating writing this post and working on the halter. And homework. But the point is that by the end of this post it could well be finished. Okay, never mind. I have to finish my History.

I'm a little scattered this evening because it feels like a Friday and that's just not fair. So please bear with me and the brevity of this post... blargh.

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  1. It felt like a friday to me all day. It really caught me off guard when people were talking about going to school tomorrow. And I've probably been worse of a procrastinator than you. I finished my first racing set, basically my first big project, (pics on my blog) and I've used that as an excuse not to make anything else, though I really want to. I think I might be able to persuade myself to make some halters tonight/tomorrow because I've got some new ideas for them.