Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Last night I tried to prime both the SMs, to disastrous results. I sprayed the primer from too close to the horses so it globbed and dripped off. The second, the G2 Morgan, was a little better to the point where I could have just sanded off the bad stuff... but then it fell over. Imagine the joy.

Anyway, after they dried I finally plucked up the courage to strip the paint off the Morgan (it's going to be a present for my grandpa, remember?) . He was done by the time I had to go to bed and since I was allowed to take a day off skiing anyway I decided to prime him this morning.

And guess what? It worked! He's a lovely, smooth grayish color (lovely for primer, I mean). I'll snap some pictures of him when he's all dry. I couldn't bear to take any after the previous attempt, because it was so hideous. Forgive me.

Hopefully I'll start work pastelling tonight, then finish up tomorrow evening and Christmas Day. It'll be late but at least it will be there, right?

The horse is going to be a portrait of my aunt's old horse Klondike, as I said before. He was a light palomino Morgan, which makes my job a little easier. And he didn't have any dapples as far as Grandpa remembers, so there's another thing I don't have to worry about. The only think that worries me is his mane and markings. I have absolutely no clue how I'm going to do that. How does one do a blaze with pastels? I don't have acrylics with me, either. That is something for my list of stuff to get, certainly.

Okay, I caved. I'm loading the pictures now.

The Morgan before original prepping:

The Arab before the original prepping:

Sorry about the terrible lighting. I've been working mostly in the evenings until now.
That's about as many pictures of these horses I think I'm able to sit through uploading... but I do have some other stuff to talk about, plus pics.

This morning as my parents were driving to the ski area, they saw a moose eating the neighbor's plants. They came to get me so I could take pictures but since I didn't have my dad's telephoto lens with me, the pictures aren't very close-up. And of course I wasn't going to walk any nearer, was I?

Here's one. The moose was eating over the net protecting the plants.
I think I'm going to go strip the Arab of its horrible priming job, so bye for now.

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