Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I don't know about you, but I have to say I have had a pretty darn good Christmas so far. It FINALLY got cold again--this morning it was 2.3 degrees. Strangely enough, that was one of the things I wished for for Christmas. It's nice that the snow is actually frozen instead of steadily melting. And there are frost feathers on all the trees... well, on everything, really.
This morning we woke to a thick fog all round and a moose standing outside eating the neighbor's plants. Again, I got pictures but don't know if my grandpa's decrepit computer could handle the upload. Later in the morning we opened our stockings around breakfast and started opening presents. The moose wandered around to the back of the house so we could see him out the back window and try to take pictures through the glass. It remains to be seen if the photos turned out well.

One of the presents we gave to my dad was a helmet camera. He's been wanting one since he first saw people using them in the ski area. Wednesday was really when we decided to give him one for Christmas because we were in the Gondola and one of the other people in our car had one. That kid could have been a salesperson. After about a minute of his talking about it, my dad was sold. So we splurged and got him one. It's his new "toy." After skiing tomorrow we will be able to see what it's really like for him to ski. It should be interesting; yesterday he fell over and was laying on his back, head downhill, skis all over the place (I got pictures of that too).

One of the items I received was a Breyer. My sister picked out Sapphire (on the Gem Twist mold). I originally intended to leave her in the box until we got back home but I couldn't help myself so I took her out. She has two box rubs, sadly, but she's still quite nice. I look forward to photo showing her. And of course since I don't want her to get any more scratches I made her a fleece pouch. Since there's no sewing machine here I had to do it by hand, but it didn't take long. It's just stitching up two sides and big stitches work perfectly well.

Speaking of Breyers, I'm hoping to get a Headley Britannia soon.
Here's a stock photo of her...

In case you were wondering and if I haven't said this before... the Strapless mold is probably my favorite of all time.

One other thing is that I'm debating getting an Enchanted Forest. He was a major duplicate in the grab bags so people are selling him very cheap. As in, $15 cheap. I'm debating getting one but shipping is $10 so it would be $25 overall and I'm not sure if I even have that much with getting Britannia. Anyway, I have to simmer over it for a while.

So. Merry Christmas!

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