Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why hello again.

What a weekend this has been. I decorated the entire pretty-new-tool-shed section of the tractor barn at the lake house with Christmas lights and it looks amazing if I may say so. It's all draped, wrapped, and hung just so--and it took a while. But it was fun.

On the horsey side, Rusty and Pepper at the neighbors' place seem to be doing all right. Neither of them show many signs of care other than being well-fed. Rusty, with his much shorter coat, looks great. Pepper... is another story. He has long fluffy hair and it looks like no one has groomed him in ages. Maybe a quick once-over in the saddle area, if that. His rear is so full of dust that if you touch it your hand comes away gross and his front end is just horrendous. He has these little lump things if you run your hand over and if you move all the fur aside and take a look--they're ticks. Not all of them are ticks: some are little clumps of yellow stuff that looks like dried pus. But very, very many are ticks. It is disgusting. Isabel and I were planning to get some brushes and combs to get some of it out but we had to come back into town before we could. Next time I see him he's going to get one serious grooming.

Here are some pictures of them from a while ago.

They're so cute.

I just deleted 10 posts. I'm not sure it was the best thing to do, but it's done now. The blog is going to be about horses, model tack, and writing.

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