Monday, December 13, 2010

Horse Info

For the benefit of the non-horsey people (Sara!) reading this blog, I've decided to add a little thing at the end of all my posts about some horsey term--so maybe I won't get as many questions from my friends about what the heck something means.

To start us off, I'll say that I ride English and focus on Hunt Seat equitation. This means that I favor a more forward position that allows me to jump effectively. I use shorter stirrups than a Dressage rider would, and ride in a saddle with a shallower seat and more forward flaps than a Dressage saddle. See stock images below for a reference.

Dressage saddle: long, straight flap and deep seat
Jumping saddle: shallow seat, forward flaps

Hunt seat equitation: Forward with short stirrups (it's a horrible picture of me, but I think it's one of the few on the flat I have available right now).

I don't have any pictures of dressage riders but they use longer stirrups and don't ride in a way specifically designed for them to be able to jump. They do only flat in competitions. Hunt seat riders can do Jumpers, Hunters over fences, and Hunters on the flat.

And that's our little lesson for the day. I'm sure other people could explain it better but that's what I can do for now.

Tomorrow I'll be out to ride Jones. Most likely we'll be doing a "torture day"--AKA working without stirrups on equitation. Oh, and for the non-horsey--equitation means how the rider rides. So far I've just been trotting without stirrups but Debbie says we'll be doing cantering and jumping eventually. Of course, at my old barn I trotted without stirrups every day. Now I haven't been doing that and my leg is dying a horrible death. Hence I'll probably try to ride bareback sometimes to help with that.

Now for writing about... writing.

Sara has been trying to convince me to do NaNoWriMo next year. She's already planning a plot for her novel. I have tried time and time again to write even a chapter of a novel but so far nothing has turned out. However, since I've never really planned exactly what I want to write. Sara suggested a murder mystery involving horses and the horse industry, which seems like a great idea. I'll just have to work on developing a plot before NaNoWriMo rolls around once more.

Another point we've talked about is keeping lists of vocabulary we want to use or don't know. I usually keep lists of phrases but I think vocabulary lists are a really good idea. I just have to find a good book to read that has a lot of obscure vocabulary. Several of the novels around to day have little exiguous particles of words that make up the entire book... or they talk about death, "hot" boys, yellow eyes, and sparkling. (Guess which series I'm pointing at, hmm?)

I think that concludes our little post for the day. I'm off to look at the BCS blog and drool over all the lovely model tack. Care to join me?

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