Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Skiing and SM customizing

Ahh, how I love skiing, especially when the snow is wonderful and lift lines are short. The ski area had a record opening this year--it was early AND the entire mountain opened at once.

The Tram line was very short, always a good thing. The snow on the entire mountain was amazing and there was almost no one on the mountain. Towards the end of the day, of course, the powder became a bit heavy and the Hobacks with their chop was not as enjoyable as it might have been. Tomorrow we (my family and I) hope to ski them a bit earlier so we have the benefit of their being not partially melted plus there should be new snow on the mountain. Anyway, today was a very good day back. It felt almost as if I hadn't had to take a big break during the year and not ski because everything was so much the same as last year. Wait, I take that back. The snow is much better than last year. MUCH better. I've only seen a few slightly exposed rocks... as opposed to last year, when you couldn't go twenty feet without putting another gash in the bottoms of your skis.

I have two old Stablemates up here which I have been planning to CM for a while. This year I think I might actually get around to it. One of them is a G1 Arab and the other is a G2 Morgan. Both of them have been prepped and I plan to primer them tomorrow evening, given it's not too cold. It probably will be. As to colors... I think the morgan will be a palomino, in memory of my Aunt Andrea's old horse Klondike. According to Grandpa, that horse could do almost anything. He didn't like being harnessed up to a cart, though. I think the customized SM might be Grandpa's Christmas present, if I do manage to make it come out well.

I just got the supplies to customize it tonight, actually. The file was on hand already so that was done quickly. I just didn't have primer or Krylon Matte Finish. Ace had them, thankfully. There was a huge wall of Krylon products and it took me a while to find what I needed. But I did get it.

I have progress pictures so far but I can't upload them to Grandpa's computer. I might have some later this week, or after we get back.

We're waking up early tomorrow so I have to go. Good night!

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