Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last real school day before Christmas Break.

Thank goodness. All that's left to do is to read with the rest of Honor Society at Lessons and Carols. We're the "Lessons" part.

I have very little time but I will say two things.

One, pictures of Strapless will be up tomorrow. Two, we have decided to buy the Beval Salem. It's a great saddle, leather is breaking in already after two rides.

Ah, I've been allotted a few more minutes by the parental units. I might as well say something about today's lesson. Jones was quite good. Though a bit slow (but nippy) to come out of the pasture, he was pretty good under saddle. Because he was going so well, we could focus on my eq (equitation to you, Sara). Basically since we couldn't really get my leg to stay in one place with the slick leathers, all we had to focus on today was hands and shoulders. I think I fixed my hands a bit, but as always my shoulders need more work.

After Jones was all put away and my tack was clean, I decided to make my move on cleaning the old leather halters hanging on the halter pegs. There are so many nice leather halters back there but none ever get used, let alone cleaned. Dust is literally caked all over them. So I took two of my numerous tack sponges and started working on them. They look much nicer, though they could all use a good, long oiling. After break I think I'll ask Kim if I can take them all home and oil 'em up. They bother me just lying around gathering dust.

I think that's all I can write for now. Good night all.

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