Sunday, December 19, 2010


Tomorrow we (my family and I) are FINALLY flying up to Jackson to see Grandpa and SKI! In the awesome powder that they've been having up there! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH I am so excited about this that it REALLY DOES warrant caps. We've been stuck down here drooling and bawling alternately over the snow reports without being able to go up there.

Going up to Jackson means two weeks of sheer cold, fires in the hearth, snow, and skiing, without horses or model horses or anything, but since it's such a great snow year that doesn't matter to me at all. But, I do have two SMs up there that are just ripe to be customized, and I think I might be able to convince Grandpa to help me make one of them (a G1 Arab) into a clock horse for Ruth (his "girlfriend" I guess), because one of the major things he does in wood are little clocks. Anyway... I'll probably do the horse in increments, maybe in the evenings after skiing-- I assure you, I don't think I'll take too much time off to do it.

I urgently have to go pack, so good bye for now.

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