Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Strapless is here!

My body quality Strapless arrived today. I was of course very excited, seeing as I only paid for the cheapest parcel post possible and she was shipped on Friday. I don't have any photos yet, but I hope to have some tomorrow.

Riding today was great. The tack shop just got a new test ride Salem from Beval, and I got to be the first person to ride in it. If I like it it can be mine. We rode in it today and I really liked it. The leather in the Salem is much nicer than in the Stamford and I prefer the seat. I have to use a riser with both, but the Salem is better.
The one I rode in was, as I said, new, so I had difficulty keeping my legs in the right place and my heels down. Debbie said that should go away when it gets broken in, and I certainly hope so. It's a lovely saddle. I think I'll ride in it again on Thursday. I'll probably have my camera so we'll have some relevant photos.

That's all for the moment (what a sad, short little post) because I have homework.

Now, all posts should have a photo: Jones's eye, because you so wanted to see it.

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