Thursday, March 31, 2011

Plastic Pony Photos

After homework I took some models outside to take pictures because the light was just right and I had nothing better to do. I'm starting to put the pictures up in a larger format so you can see them more easily without having to click.

The first horse is the WEG Driving Stablemate. He's new and I think--and hope--he may be LSQ. Still it's unlikely he will ever show.
His name is Benjamin or Ben for short. Sara and Zoe, who may or may not read this post, know of my LOST obsession so this makes sense. Possibly.
Next up is GG Valentine. I wanted her for a while and my dad eventually bought her for me. (Thanks again!) I call her Victoria because of the real GG Valentine's great success.
And her son, Heartbreaker. He obviously came with Valentine.  His name with me is Abu, or "Nobility." Because the real foal Heartbreaker comes from Hunter breeding nobility. He's shown here with his momma.
My last Original Finish model for today, Headley Britannia. She was already in this post but the photos weren't great and I've been wanting to get new ones. This mare is known to me as Iphigenia, just because I like the story about the daughter of Agamemnon. It's sad, but it's one of my favorites.
The last horse we have for today is the one I customized for the Stablemate Swap on Blab. He's my first finished one and with him I learned many lessons (mostly about protecting the horse from snowflakes under sealer). Nothing special in the least. I think his coloring is about two times less rich and two times more grainy in person, but you get the general idea. I'm only posting him because I highly doubt that the person he's for reads this blog.

That's all for today. Enjoy the photos!

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