Sunday, March 13, 2011

Big Bend and Jones

This past week I was in Big Bend on a school trip where I took lots of pictures. But I haven't uploaded them yet, so you'll have to wait. In the mean time, I have pictures from riding on Saturday. Jones was absolutely fantastic, continuing on from the show last week. I was so pleased with him. He moved out very well for me and got most of his spots. The only ones he missed were due to rider error (oops). Both Debbie and I were very happy.

He may not be the fanciest jumper, best mover, or most perfectly conformed horse--but he knows how to get the job done. He is fourteen or fifteen, so he's been doing it a long time. I can only hope to ride more horses like him in the future.

As for my eq, it has improved. Saturday was a bit interesting, because I have a nasty sunburn on the inside of my calves and that is not exactly helpful for keeping the lower leg in place. Still, I think it stayed pretty secure throughout. It was just the trot afterward that killed. Anyway... it was a really really good lesson.

Oh, yes, and as a side note. This spring break I'll be working on what will be my first finished custom. It's part of the "Think Green" Spring Stablemate Swap. It won't be green, and that's all I'll say. There won't be any updates on it until it's finished, to keep it a surprise.

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