Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crazy Cat Lady

Somehow I have a feeling that when I'm a grandmother, I'm going to have about fifty cats, all from the shelter, and my grandchildren will all be terrified to enter the house for fear of stepping on a cat.

I already have four cats, and strangely enough I want more. This could be a very dangerous affliction (not least due to the nature of the model horses I collect). After I finished most of my homework I went to the local animal shelter web page on a whim and searched cats for adoption. Oh my goodness... it's worse than going on MH$P. EVERY single cat I see, I want to adopt. Is there a treatment for this?

...oh wait. Yes--cleaning litter boxes. The strain I picked up is immune, it seems.

Since I'm definitely not going to be getting any more cats any time soon (mother has made this very clear), I'll just post some pictures of the cats I own and know. They're pretty bad photos but they're of cats so they're good enough.




Veronica sleeping on laundry

Myler, the barn cat

One last and very important thing: If you are looking for a pet, try the shelter first! There are hundreds of animals there and they all want homes; if they don't get one, they may be put down. Animals from breeders are fine but shelter should always take priority (in my opinion).

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