Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Silence On The Phone

Or blog, or whatever. Anyway, sorry about the week long absence. I've been planning blog posts, mainly extolling Jones's awesomeness, since we got back--but I never quite managed to post. I've had four lessons since I last posted and Jones has been very good in three of them. Today he was very lazy and most of the time was spent making him actually canter when I asked him to, and then not trotting before the fence. When he did one perfectly we stopped so it would be on a good note.

Since one of those lessons was on a Saturday and that means that I got a lot of pictures, here are a few.

Jones first.

Getting pictures of Jones in his paddock is pretty hard because he always walks over to me to have his face rubbed. And even if he didn't, it's small enough that a good picture is hard to get. But I like these two of him.

And now for the other horses. These may not be totally in focus, sadly--I'm still working out how to keep the camera still with the heavy lens on the end.


Chad (Ochocinco)
 Chad was being very friendly this Saturday, and let me get some nice pictures of him.

And last of all--I couldn't stay away from the flowers. They were very vividly colored and fun to photograph, although again I think some could be in better focus.


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  1. Eva, I think you stole my (family's) camera! I went to Dallas Blooms (http://www.dallasarboretum.org/DallasBlooms/index.htm) over Spring Break, and I got about 100 close-ups of beautiful flowers. Definitely not as good quality as your pictures with your fancy schmancy camera, though. :)