Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Late. VERY Late.

And I've just finished packing for a trip AND preparing for the show tomorrow. This will be quick, because I need some sleep!

We didn't ride today, which was all for the best. Jones is shedding like you would not believe--even the slightest touch gets a big clump of fuzz off. Debbie shaved his ears and whiskers today, so he no longer looks quite as fluffy. Plus, we can see his gorgeous face now. Jones also got a long shampooing, which he did not enjoy but tolerated reasonably well. It's his first real bath of the year, if anyone cared to know--the past few times I've just sponged his saddle area.

I'm reasonably optimistic for tomorrow. It would appear that Jones's bath, as well as not being ridden, has given him plenty of energy which he will hopefully use tomorrow at the first fence. If his nearly trotting back to his stall is any indication, we should be fine.

Hopefully I can convince my dad to take pictures tomorrow, and hopefully I'll have time to post them. Just wait and see what happens.


  1. Wow, you're way ahead of me. I've hardly started packing for the camping trip. Mostly, I've just thrown a ton of random t-shirts into my bag because I'm indecisive.

    Good luck tomorrow!! (I mean, like, later today...

    *needs to get to sleep as well*)

  2. We had our first show of the year down where I live and I can't say that I minded not going to this one because it was raining and they were using three arenas none of which were covered. So instead I helped at a camp giving pony rides(inside the barn aisle) and teaching young girls how to groom. So it was a pretty good weekend though I can't wait for my first show whenever it may be...