Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Snow... and more snow... and rain.

We're skiing this spring break and I am SO happy that we are. Yesterday the snow was pretty good... not as good as it was in the middle of the winter, but good. The groomers were in their usual state of annoying scraped-off-ness and the base turned into slush by the end of the day--so we stayed high and in the trees. There were a few patches of powder deep in the woods as well.

Today was a totally different story. It snowed all last night on the mountain and a bit in the valley, and it kept on snowing all through the day. There was rain at the house but we're in the valley so that was no surprise. What was a surprise is that the entire mountain had been covered in four inches of new snow, and more was falling by the bucketload! It was still warm and slushy at the bottom but staying high worked out very well, because there was so much new snow. Powder that had been cut around noon was un-cut again by about 3 PM. The only thing that was really a nuisance was the wind, and perhaps non-waterproof ski gear. At the top of the mountain visibility was amazingly poor but the skiing was wonderful.

My dad is hustling me to bed under the battlecry of "Are you going to show some good judgement, now?" so I suppose I should probably go.

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