Saturday, March 5, 2011

"You're not in Kansas any more..."

That's my favorite quote from James Cameron's movie Avatar, probably because the person who says it looks just like my awesome 7th grade science teacher (but much meaner). It also happens to be the way I felt this morning at the show. Last year, Jones and I won Year-End Champions in Open Hunter--but that was on the schooling circuit. This year we're showing the next level up, and competition is about equivalent to what you get on the A show circuit, so I've been told. It may be a little less competitive, but apparently it's close. Though we may have dominated last year at schooling shows, albeit due to sparse competition, this year is not going to be the same. We're not in schooling shows any more.
That said--Jones was wonderful. Wonderful! Our first round, the warm-up, was... a warm-up. I didn't get Jones moving off to the first fence, and that is what always gets us. Granted I didn't have my spurs on, but that's not a very good excuse. We added in every single line and didn't use the corners well in the very, very small arena. But since it was just practice, it didn't really matter. I popped my spurs on before the second round and Jones cooperated. The only issue was that he got going too fast toward the end and I didn't shift gears fast enough so we ended up overshooting a line a bit. The last round, though... that was perfect. Okay, not perfect, there are a bunch of nit-picky issues like needing to get him to counter-bend better and letting my leg slip a little, but it was really really good. Kim said it was the best show round we've done together. We placed fourth for both Hunter rounds in a very crowded Youth/Non-Pro class, not a terribly easy feat. I have every reason to boast about how good Jones was.
As you can see, it rained. At least, in the morning it did. There was thunder, lightning, and water--the whole nine yards. But then it passed and the skies cleared. Unfortunately it stayed cold and windy, but it was bearable with the sun and a bunch of horses around.

In response to a question from the maternal unit, yes, I do intentionally crop out the riders sometimes in pictures of horses. In fact I do this often because I'm NOT taking a picture of the rider, I'm taking a picture of the horse! So if someone's face looks strange it's not ruining the picture.

I would put pictures of me riding, but I don't want to spend the time to blur out my face. Too lazy tonight for that.

Prepare for a week of silence after tonight. I'll be on a school trip to Big Bend, having fun hiking and laughing at girls who bring and wear mascara--and promptly sweat it off down their faces. It should be fun, plus the scenery should be great. Not to mention the geology, which is why we're going in the first place...

Night, all! Send love to my handsome Jones (pictured below in the rather unflattering photo).  And those who dare say a word against him (father!)... he will require an extra carrot to soothe his grief. And perhaps a silk handkerchief to wipe away his tears.
Sorry, I'm a little hyper.

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