Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rusty and Pepper

We were at the lake yesterday and I forced myself to go see Rusty and Pepper despite the numerous rattlesnakes that were undoubtedly very close to where I was walking. I took the RTV most of the way, but still--walking through tall grass in the summer is not my idea of 'safe.'

When I got there, I saw a strange looking bright bay gelding grazing in a little clearing.
Bad angle, sorry!
Then I realized that the neighbors hadn't bought a new horse: this is Pepper. You wouldn't believe it at first glance, he looks much different than I remember him from this winter.
Pepper this winter
Yeah--huge change but it's a good one! He looks a ton better, and he's filled out a bit now that there's new grass and it's not so cold.

Rusty looked just about the same as he did this winter, but that's because he doesn't get much by way of a winter coat.
Winter coat
He has shed out a little bit, I suppose, and his coat is far shinier in the summer. But other than that, not much has changed.
Trotting to see me in the summer
I have a bunch of other pictures, not just comparisons of winter vs. summer coats.


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