Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Florida Carriage Museum: Day Three (Long)

My final lesson at the Florida Carriage Museum was a lesson in driving a pair. Due to circumstances something happened and I don't have pictures of the actual lesson. I do have pictures of the horses.

Gordon, the left horse

It was a lot of fun driving Gordon and Tristan, and they were pretty good for me. It's too bad this is our last lesson, because I enjoyed driving at the museum.

Here come the pictures! Most of them are of --surprise-- Gypsy Vanners. I wasn't able to walk around as much as I wanted to, but I still got plenty!

When I walked out, the first equines I saw were the Falabella and the guard donkey.

Right across from them were the Haflinger and hunter pony. They were a lot closer to the fence today than they were yesterday, so I got better pictures. And I got to pet them--at last!

Hold on, those pictures suck. Gack. They were the best ones I got of these two, though, so I'm sorry.

I got some pictures of the big bay warmblood. He was very friendly and I got to pet him today.
What a cutie!

On to the Gypsy Vanners! The first two I came across were two mares. Due to bad lighting the pictures aren't very good, but some of them turned out.

And then I came across the pasture with the male horses. I'm not sure if they're stallions or geldings--but they're definitely male. They were whinnying to the mares I had just left and being oh so photogenic.

Looking noble 

Look at him with his nose in the air... 

One of my better shots

Another good-ish shot

How cute!

Is that a good enough pony fix? Yes? Ok, good. 

I'll be back home next week, sewing like a madwoman. I'd like to make myself a few dresses over the summer, and I have to make/put together a costume for myself as Minerva McGonagall. A couple of my friends and I hope to go to the midnight premier of Harry Potter 7.2 and we're dressing up. Does anyone know what Minerva would wear in warm weather?


  1. Dude, I'm going to be burning up in my Luna Lovegood costume! Hopefully they'll keep the theater cold for the sake of us wizards and witches.

    And I absolutely love all the pictures these last few posts!

  2. Yeah, now you have an excuse to not order those expensive robes.

    Thank you! I'm afraid I might not post as many during the summer, but there will still be some.