Thursday, June 9, 2011

Disney World: 1/3

Before today, I had never been to Disney. It was a sort of badge of honor that set me apart from my once-Disney-fied colleagues at school. My father, on the other hand, thought that my sister and I had been deprived of a vital part of our childhood (this coming from the man who knows we're much happier having NEVER had a TV). So he took an offer for us to come here, to Disney World.

Oh joy.

Yeah, my family and I are currently in Orlando, at Disney World. This is a sort of nightmare, especially after just having been in The Villages, which is also rather unreal. They're polar opposites, of course--one is rather dry and the other is luridly and garishly colorful--but they have in common a major sense of unreality. None of what we saw this evening appears to be in any way connected with the real world. I have a feeling I'll wake up at some point tonight and start screaming about a terrible dream... thanks, Dad. I appreciate the thought and 'm sure Cirque de Soleil will be great, but other than that I'm rather skeptical. 

Of course I have my camera with me. I've been mostly experimenting with the bright colors...
And with the water. It was too dark to get a really good shot and this was the best I could do:
We ate at 'Fulton's Crab something" which had a nautical theme, and I managed to get one interesting, if not good, picture of one of the decorations.

That's really all I have for tonight, except that I will probably be quite undernourished after this visit. There are so many people eating tons of food here who really should not be, and it makes me not want to eat. I understand that not all people can help their weight, but they don't have to augment it by eating a lot of candy...

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