Monday, June 13, 2011

Disney World: Parts 2, 3, and 3.5/3

Since I don't really want to make three different posts about Disney World, here's the rest of our three-and-a-half day stint there.

Friday, our second day at Disney, was very fun but also very tiring. We went to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, as well as to Cirque du Soleil. The Magic Kingdom was, in a word, overwhelming. There's too much to see and do in a day, but one day there was almost too much. As Walt Disney imagined, it is really a different world from everything else. It's hard to imagine the world we actually live in while there. Nonetheless it was pretty enjoyable--more so than I had thought it would be. Epcot was a little nicer as it was not quite so overwhelming. Still, a different world altogether.

On Saturday we had a slightly later start than we had on Friday, which was welcome. We all needed to rest away from the blaringly bright colors. When we did get going, we went to the Animal Kingdom. I was glad to have my camera with me, because I really like taking pictures of animals.
Hungry tiger behind a large glass wall
They have a staged safari thing there, which has all sorts of African animals in it.
This white rhino was not in a friendly mood.


Sleepy Black Rhino

Napping older lion.
It was fun to get pictures of them all. 

The last half-day we spent at Disney World was at Blizzard Beach, one of the water parks. Sunday was very hot down here and it was a great relief to be in the water. They have some great rides there, including one which drops you almost straight down a long chute. That was fun. What was better was that it is shaped like a ski jump, so you shoot off the end, drop a ways, and land in a big pool.**

All in all, Disney was fun but not something I'd repeat regularly. It was a bit too overwhelming/not real for me. 

One final thing that's unrelated to Disney but that definitely made my day. Have a look at my next journal. 
You're all so jealous now, aren't you?

** That's a lie. You actually just go down a chute under the "ski jump." Disney should definitely redo it so you do fly off. Until then, it's wishful thinking. 

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  1. I AM SO JEALOUS. I went to Disney World two years ago (I think?), and I had a great time, obviously. Glad you're having fun! (And that journal is epic.)