Monday, June 6, 2011

Riding in the sun

One word: ick.

Riding in Texas at any time in the summer can usually be described by that one word. No matter what you do, you will be sweaty. In my case, I will always have a bright red face during and after a lesson for some reason (I guess I overheat? Or something...). The horse is generally pretty sweaty too--well, who wouldn't be? They have fur coats, for goodness sake.

We went riding yesterday. It was in the morning so it wasn't the hottest part of the day, but it was still pretty nasty. My equitation was, as usual, below par. However, we were working on Jones today and not me, so there wasn't too much of a problem. I was buying into the popular and non-functional jump position, so very few of the jumping pictures my dad took turned out. Jones turned on the gas yesterday, though, so I was mostly trying to get him to not speed up too much in the lines. (I failed.)

As I said, very few of the pictures turned out. But I have a couple..

Ok, no, I just have one. Enjoy the picture of my horse! (Ignore me please.)

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