Sunday, November 6, 2011

Calf Photo Spam

I guess that after so many Blank Photo Spam posts I should just rename this blog "Photo Spam" and entitle my posts after whatever I'm spamming with. That would make everything so concise.

Today I have various photos of the calves, Sarah and Jordan, and afterward I will be making a second post today with the horse photos. Sound good?

Lots of photos of Jordan first.

Next for Sarah.

from today

from a while ago when it snowed

It's sad that I have so many more pictures of Jordan, because he was the one who nicked my finger while attacking the bottle I was holding for him. I like Sarah just as much, if not more, because she's so sweet. But they're both lovely.

I guess this post could be maybe a little longer... right?

Cider apples. Speaking of which... as soon as I finish this post I'm off to the dining hall for some cider!


  1. Okay. So where are the horses?

  2. AHH OH NO I didn't edit all the pictures yet. They're coming!