Thursday, November 10, 2011

Old Photos

In the course of looking for a new header photo for this blog, I've gone through most of the photo folders on my hard drive and come across a few that I should have posted earlier. Many of these were slated for blog photos in the summer, but as you might know I hardly even thought about this blog over the summer. I have edited some of the better ones, so here they are at last.

Whoever did this (on a rock in Jackson, Hole) is utterly AWESOME.

Pepper... his hooves

The moose cow and calf in my grandpa's backyard

Guess whose eye that is...? Yeah, the moose's.


I hope you enjoyed that! There may be more to come or there may not, depending on what pictures I find on my hard drive. But do expect a change in the header photo and maybe the template (depending on what the photo looks like...).

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