Tuesday, May 3, 2011

LOST... and other stuff

I just got the first three seasons of LOST on DVD. Yay! Not having the other three doesn't bother me all that much, because Season Three is undoubtedly my favorite and I also like the first two where all the people on the Island are totally clueless/becoming a little less clueless. The fifth is my least favorite (just like with Harry Potter, how funny!) so no worries there... though I would rather like to have The End at my fingertips. But now I get to watch the end of Season Three and start bawling at Charlie's death! What fun! (Actually, I might have teared up last time I watched it because of sleep deprivation. I'm not sure. If I watched it again now I know it would have been because of sleep deprivation.)

Now for the other stuff. I haven't been posting as much lately because I feel bad about not posting any pictures from the show and such. But I have to get down to it, because if I post a show report any later than tomorrow afternoon there won't be much of a point, will there? That will get finished up today or tomorrow.

Later this evening I'll hopefully also have pictures from riding tonight. We didn't go to the barn last week because almost everyone was at an A show for the whole week, but we could have gone on Saturday and I feel awful that I didn't. Still, I did get homework done... that doesn't make up for it, does it? No, it does not. We are riding tonight though. Wonder how Jones and I will do after a week off?

The last thing is that I am trying to convince my mom to adopt just one more cat. I'm not getting very far, so I  might have to just settle for volunteering at the shelter this summer. Hopefully my mom will be relieved enough that I'm laying off getting another cat that she'll let me volunteer.

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