Sunday, May 22, 2011


Okay, so I think by this point everyone realizes that my procrastination is a serious problem? I've not posted in weeks! Luckily, not much has been going on so there aren't many updates to do. Mostly I just have to say what I didn't do. That's not so good. I haven't ridden in over two weeks by now and it's really bothering me. I want to go see my horse but every time it's been even slightly possible something's always come up, like my sister's musical or just having a crapload of stuff to do. Yes, a crapload. But honestly, I'd rather have been mucking a stall than mucking through homework.

The one really productive thing I have done lately is to update my deviantART accounts and make a cover for my school's literary magazine in conjunction with Sara (the talented hand model). 
My two dA accounts have very different purposes. The older one, Snickersluv, was created in 5th or 6th grade, when I was riding Snickers, taking bad photos with a terrible camera, and making bad photomanipulations. Most of the stuff on it is junk. However, I did add a few photos that raised the bar of expectations for it. 
The crown jewel is a series of "bokeh" photos that I took at Christmas this year. 
One example from the 5 part series
They're not very good but it was fun to experiment.

The other account, Ophelia-Stock, is full of stock photos. Before about two weeks ago there wasn't much of note in it, but I have uploaded quite a few photos since then and got a pretty decent popular response to most of it. I guess people like my stock photos... but then again being sort-of a manipulator I know what could look good, so I can get those shots. Already a few people have manipulated some of the photos and the results look pretty impressive! Some people are extremely creative and it really shows.
This is one of the photos I have up...
Might as well share a stock photo, too
To see what was made with this background, click here.
It's one of my favorites because it's Eowyn from LOTR, and she's from Rohan--AKA the definitive horse country.

And what about the cover, you ask? Sara and I were asked to design a cover for our school's literary magazine, Papercuts. The seventh-graders voted on the name and, as Sara said, what we came up with is probably not what they envisioned. 
Anyway, Sara came home with me on Thursday and we set up the photo with scraps of paper and ketchup for blood. The ketchup wasn't really convincing so we had to add it in later, and I think we pretty much succeeded in making a good droplet of blood... it is a bit large but that's neither here nor there.
Sara was the hand model and I took the photo.
I'm very proud of it and I show it off every chance I get (Sara will attest to this fact). Oh well, I think it's cool.

If all this seems productive to you, remember that this happened over the course of a couple weeks so I'm actually a total slacker.

I have to study for finals so I don't know when my next post will be. Here's hoping it's soon!


  1. This is just the beginning of my hand modeling career, y'all. You know the hand that does the "L" sign for Glee? Yeah. I aspire to be that hand.

    Hmm... deviantART. I know a lot of people who have accounts, but I've always dismissed it because I consider myself too lazy and not talented enough to get one.


    Maybe, random voice in my head. Maybe.

    ^ Eva, now that high schools (probably) aren't looking at this blog anymore, my posts are allowed to be... crazier than usual, right? Right?

  2. You should get a dA account! I'd photograph and you'd model. :)

    And yes, you can post crazy comments! :D